Timothy Collier

Timothy Collier is a Registered Psychologist with an  interest in psychoanalysis. He offers patients a collaborative space where meaningful therapeutic experiences can occur. Through the therapeutic relationship, understanding emerges, and change becomes possible.

Tim has worked with patients in public hospitals, outpatient community settings, universities, and in private practices supporting people experiencing a diverse range of concerns. Tim is also a clinical psychology registrar.

Tim offers psychotherapy to adults. His approach to therapy is relational, and is influenced by psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. These therapies share common ground in acknowledging that unresolved, unconscious conflicts are often at the heart of emotional suffering and psychological difficulties. These conflicts may occur across the lifespan, and present in ways that are often misunderstood within ourselves, and our relationships. It is through the therapeutic relationship that you will come to learn things about your self, and where development and change becomes possible.

Tim works with many presenting concerns, including low mood, anxiety, panic, trauma, and relational difficulties. However, he sees suffering as something that extends beyond symptoms and diagnoses, and supports people working through broader difficulties, too.

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