Information about MCPC

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Location of MCPC

The Melbourne Centre of Psychotherapy and Consultancy is located in a beautiful two-story terrace in Inner Melbourne.

MCPC Rooms

Spacious rooms in a peaceful and confidential environment, with quality aesthetics to soothe your mind.

Dr Sara Taylor’s Clinic

MCPC Psychologist’s Clinic

Low Cost Clinic


Sessions with Dr Sara Taylor

Fees are means-tested and based on a sliding scale ranging between $160 and $250 per session.

Session with an MCPC Psychologist

Fees are means-tested and based on a sliding scale ranging between $160 and $250 per session.

Sessions in Low Cost Clinic

Sessions in our not for profit clinic are available for Health Care Cards holders at the generous rate of $60, and those that genuinely can not afford to see a Psychologist for $80.

  • Holding the belief that good quality therapy should accessible to all people in our society MCPC  holds the policy that patients are not charged more than they can afford. 

  • MCPC  adopts a means-tested sliding scale of fees.

  • The agreed upon fee is negotiated with patients in the first session of therapy and can be renegotiated as circumstances change. 

  • Medicare rebates are available for those with mental health care plans.

  • We are able to see self-managed NDIS patients.

  • Sessions in our low cost clinic are available at a heavily discounted fee.

  • We are available to see victims of crime patients funded through VOCAT


How long is a session of therapy?

Sessions are a standard 50-60 mins. We take time in-between patients to read over your notes and produce your receipt.

How is confidentiality maintained?

All medical records and session notes are kept in a locked filling cabinet or external hard drive.
Rooms are spacious, have thick walls and are set apart assuring that you can not hear other patients sessions and they cannot hear your session.

MCPC Open Hours

Monday 9am – 8pmTuesday 9am – 8pmWednesday 9am – 8pmThursday 9am – 8pm
Friday 9am – 5pmSaturday 9am – 4pmSunday Closed