Lisa Klamert

Lisa (Lee) Klamert (BSc. Psych, MPsych Clin) is an open-hearted, Austrian-trained psychologist with a kind and nonjudgmental approach. Lee has completed her training at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. She currently holds Provisional Registration while completing the three month transitional path to Australian registration.

Previously, Lee has worked in a range of different therapeutic settings, including inpatient and outpatient departments in the private and public health sector in Germany and Australia. In parallel, motivated by the desire to provide good mental health care to everyone, Lee has engaged in clinical services research, development and enhancement. Lee has experience in working with a range of different age groups and clinical presentations (including depression, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, adjustment disorder, eating disorders and substance use disorders), as well as counselling and supportive work with individuals findings themselves in difficult life situations.

Lee beliefs the basis of a successful therapeutic relationship is respect, empathy and creating a warm, inclusive and -above all- safe environment for clients.

With her kind and nonjudgmental approach, Lee regards clients as the principal experts in their own condition and life situation, thus always focusing on promoting clients as active partners within the therapeutic relationship and integrating their preferences and wishes.

With an appreciation for positive and differential psychological theory, which highlights the uniqueness of every individual, Lee will work together with clients to facilitate highly tailored interventions based on their specific needs and respective clinical indication. By doing so Lee likes to draw upon different psychological approaches including cognitive, behavioral, psychoanalytic and mindfulness and occasionally incorporates alternative approaches such as psychodrama and arts therapy.

In keeping with her passion for enhancing clinical services Lee is currently completing her doctorate, which includes an exploration of human behavior change and the potential of lifestyle medicine for improving mental health and promoting wellbeing.

Lee is able to see NDIS patients who are either self-managed or on a plan.

Lee is available for sessions in English or German.


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