How long is a session of therapy?

Sessions are a standard 50-60 mins. We take time in-between patients to read over your notes and produce your receipt.

How is confidentiality maintained?

All medical records and session notes are kept in a locked filling cabinet or external hard drive.
Rooms are spacious, have thick walls and are set apart assuring that you can not hear other patients sessions and they cannot hear your session.

What does our ethos of RESPECT mean? 

The Melbourne Centre of Psychotherapy and Consultancy is governed by a policy of respecting all people who attend the centre as having their own unique story and reasons for seeking therapy.  

We also have a great respect for the governing bodies of Medicine and Psychology and the value of all evidence based therapeutic techniques including Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. 

What underlies our emphasis on WARMTH & NURTURE? 

We believe that a nurturing & warm therapeutic stance and physical environment promotes a feeling of safety and that this provides you with the best opportunity for healing.

What does our ethos of TRANSPARENCY and PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY refer to? 

We are mindful of the power dynamic inherent in the therapeutic and assure that we never manipulate or exercise control over our patients. 

We take good care of ourselves to assure our minds are in best working order when we are treating you.

We never keep patients in therapy longer than they need to be.

We do not ask of our patients anything that we do not expect of ourselves.