We are a well established practice, with experienced Psychologists and Psychotherapists offering you a respectful and nurturing, high end professional service.

Select your practitioner from our team of talented and compassionate Psychologists and Psychotherapists.

We draw on techniques from Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and other evidence based techniques including CBT to offer specialised therapy that is tailored to suit you.

The Melbourne Centre of Psychotherapy and Consultancy believes that the therapeutic relationship is the strongest indicator of successful recovery from mental health issues and life stressors. For this reason, we take time to assure we book you in with the best  practitioner for you.

Introducing the MCPC Psychologists and Psychotherapists

The Director of MCPC


Dr Sara Taylor is a Registered Psychologist and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist based in South Melbourne with a bespoke tailoring approach to working psychoanalytically.

Each individual therapy is designed specifically for the needs of that patient, couple, or family group.

  • Framework of understanding: Psychoanalytic

  • Structure of therapy: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

  • Registered Professional: Psychology

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MCPC Psychologists and Psychotherapists

MCPC has a knowledgeable and caring team of experienced Registered Psychologists who draw on their different areas of expertise and therapeutic approach in their work with patients.

Please feel free to select and book a session with one of our Female Psychologists or Male Psychologists. Alternatively you are able to book an initial consultation with Dr Sara Taylor to assess which practitioner would be best suited for your needs.

Tatianna Wise

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Senior Registered Psychologist
Dr Helen Evert

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Senior Clinical Psychologist
Rodrigo Latorre

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Registered Psychologist
Dr Shikha Gray

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Senior Psychotherapist
Carol Fraser

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Senior Registered Psychologist
Charu Mangla Goel

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Rebecca Hirst

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Position Available

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