Covid-19 Policy and Procedures

The Melbourne Centre of Psychotherapy and Consultancy is staying open so that you can see your Psychologist in person or via Telehealth.

Covid-19 Self Assessment

To keep you safe current patients have received a COVID-19 self assessment email prior to attending future sessions. As a new patients you will also receive this email. Telehealth sessions are available for all patients who do not pass the COVID-19 self assessment criteria.

In Person

The risk to ones physical health and the current climate of economic and social uncertainty as a result of COVID-19 is placing strain on the mental health of the vast majority of people, and is particularly hazardous for those with preexisting mental health issues.

At MCPC we are aware that self isolating and/or social distancing, although absolutely necessary during this pandemic, are placing an additional challenge on our current and new patients psychological wellbeing. For this reason we are staying open at 155 Dorcas Street South Melbourne until further notice.

For those of you who pass our self assessment and choose to attend in person we are practicing rigorous hygiene and social distancing, including the following:

– In the 10 minutes between patient’s sessions touch surfaces, including door handles and eftpos machines, are wiped down with medical grade disinfectant pads.

– You are asked to use our automated dispenser to apply hand sanitiser upon arrival.

– We are maintaining at least 2 meters (6 feet) between people at all times. Luckily our very spacious waiting room and consulting rooms allow us to do so easily.

– Sessions are paid via eftpos, using contactless payment methods whenever possible, we are not handling cash.

– All of our lovely magazines and books have been temporarily removed but will return when this is over.

To date this is working well and it is a pleasure to see our dear patients in person!


Telehealth sessions are available for any patient who at anytime, for any reason during the pandemic would rather attend via Skype or Zoom. These Telehealth sessions are setup to give you the feel and visual impression of attending in person.

Prior to attending your first session of therapy online your treating Psychologist will send you an email providing you with the information you will require.