Claire Baxter

Claire Baxter (B.Sc (Hons Psych.), MPsych.) is a Registered Psychologist with a client centred, respectful and non-judgemental approach.
Claire’s tailored approach to working from a client-centred perspective demonstrates her belief in the power of two-minds working together. Working from a psychotherapeutic perspective, Claire invites you to share your story from the present and the past. She will attend to what you consider important in your story including your formative experiences and the important relationships in your life. When working with Claire, you can expect a respectful, open minded space through which she will work with you in understanding your story and your challenges from your perspective.
Claire has experience working with people who have experienced trauma, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, challenges related to the Covid-19 restrictions. Claire has also worked with athletes on issues related to performance and motivation and drive. She sometimes draws from positive psychology and flow state theory to understand what is meaningful for you, what makes you feel alive, and what your strengths are.
B.Sc (Hons, psychology), Master of Psychology.
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