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What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy? Psychodynamic Psychotherapy draws explicitly on Psychoanalytic theory. Historically the terms Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy have been used interchangeably. Illustrating this point, in the past the Victorian Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (VAPP) in Melbourne was used the name the Victorian Institute of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. This change occurred in part to make a clear distinction between the traditional definitions of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and Psychological practices that use the term Psychodynamic therapy to describe therapeutic strategies that place greater importance on the significance of the therapeutic relationship and  [...]

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Donald W. Winnicott first used the term ‘holding’ (1953, 1971) to describe the state of mind of the mother and her construction of an environment that enables an infant to feel safe and content. The therapeutic environment can also be described as a ‘holding’ environment. ‘Holding’ in therapy is understood by Winnicott to be the construction of environment where a patient feels held in an analogous way to how a baby is held by their mother: gently and attentively. The adoption of ‘holding’ by Psychotherapists and Psychologists as a [...]

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Defence Mechanisms

Defence mechanisms are an essential component of the human psyche and according to the Psychoanalyst Melanie Klein they are necessary for childhood development and individuation. Defence mechanisms also protect the psyche from being overwhelmed. Despite this defence mechanisms have a negative reputation in contemporary society.We are told off by friends and family for being defensive. Being in denial, repression, and regression are not viewed favourably by people we are close to. Indeed they do interfere with our capacity for intimacy with others and in fulling engaging in life. But they [...]

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