Couples Counselling

It is a common myth that couples counselling is only needed when a couple have decided to seperate or are in the process of separating. It is true that couples counselling can help a couple to ‘seperate with love’. Attending couples therapy is however helpful for a lot of reasons including: communication difficulties, sexual difficulties, emotional distance, stress placed on the relationship after the birth of a baby, difficulties with blended families, financial difficulties, difficulties with children or stepchildren, domestic violence or infidelity.

Interpersonal conflict is usually the precursor to a couple deciding to go to therapy. Couples may also attend therapy to strengthen a good relationship or to gain a deeper understanding of your spouse or partner. Issues that can be explored include the way your parent’s relationship or your past relationships have affected your expectations of a current partner or spouse including their style of relating. 

The Gottman Method is a popular and highly effective style of couples counselling that                                                                 advocates for reducing negative responses and replacing them with positive ones. A Psychodynamic approach to couples therapy is very helpful for looking at the relational dynamics between spouses, including what a couple projects on to each other in their relationship.